This piece started out with a brief from the Baldio Translation Group to reflect on the meaning and usage of the word “hallucination”. It then developed a life of its own.

My research led me to explore little used or obsolete meanings of the word such as “mind wandering” and “talking at random”, which I materialized in web form through a collage of text and images with an idiosyncratic navigation system.

There are several paths through the piece, not all of them obvious, so here are a couple of tips:

  • if you get lost on a particular page, use keyboard navigation – the tab key will help you find a way out;
  • the bibliography works as a site map, with links to all the pages containing text.

The markup is fully responsive, but due to the nature of the navigation system and the complexity of some of the image collages it is best experienced on a traditional desktop or laptop as opposed to a touchscreen device. It is also possible to navigate with a screen reader.

That’s it. Happy browsing!

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