The story of Bernadotte King of Sweden

There is an event which shows how greatly the supernatural had preserved its influence over the mind of the King of Sweden. Wishing to overcome the difficulties he encountered in Norway by means of the sword, he proposed to dispatch his son Oscar at the head of an army, for the purpose of reducing the rebels, a proceeding which was strongly opposed by the Council of State. One day, after an animated discussion on the subject, he mounted his horse and galloped some way from the capital; having gone a considerable distance he arrived at the outskirts of a dark forest. Suddenly he beheld an old woman, strangely clad, and with her hair in disorder. “ What do you want ?” asked the king, sharply. To which the apparition replied, “ If Oscar goes to the war you meditate, he will not give, but receive, the first blow.” Bernadotte, struck with the apparition and its words, returned to his palace. The next day, bearing in his countenance the traces of a sleepless night, and in a state of great agitation, he presented himself at the council. “ I have changed my mind,” he said; “we will negotiate for peace; but I must have honourable terms.”