Definition of hallucination

Hallucinate v. 1604. [– hallucinat-, pa. ppl. stem of L. hallucinari, late form of alucinari wander in thought or speech – Gr. άλύσσειν be distraught or ill at ease.] †1. trans. To deceive (rare) – 1623. 2. intr. To be deceived, entertain false notions, blunder, mistake. Obs. or arch. 1652. 3. trans. To affect with hallucination 1822.

Hallucination 1646. [– L. hallucinatio, f. hallucinat-; see prec., -ION.] 1. The condition of being deceived or mistaken, or of entertaining unfounded notions; with a and pl., an illusion 1652. 2. Path. and Psych. The apparent perception of an external object when no such object is present. (Dist. from illusion, as not necessarily involving a false belief.)