A definition of fudge

Fudge 1766. [f. next.] A. interj. Stuff and nonsense! Bosh! B. sb. 1. Contemptible nonsense, stuff, bosh 1791. 2. A made-up story, a deceit 1797. 3. A piece of stop-press news inserted in a newspaper page at the last minute 1899. 4. A soft-grained sweetmeat made from milk, sugar, chocolate etc. 1897.

Fudge v. 1615. [perh. alt. of earlier FADGE v., of unkn. origin.] 1. trans. To put together clumsily or dishonestly; to patch or fake up; to cook accounts 1674; to foist in 1776. 2. intr. To fit in with what is anticipated, come off; also, to turn out 1615. 3. [f. prec. sb.] To talk nonsense, tell 'crams'. Also quasi-trans. 1834.

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