Baloney sausages and Purpose pudding

Puddyng of purpaysse.

—Take þe Blode of hym, & þe grece of hym self, & Ote-mele, & Salt, & Pepir, & Gyngere, & melle þese to-gederys wel, & þan putte þis in þe Gutte of þe purpays, & þan lat it seþe esyli, & not hard, a good whylys; & þan take hym vppe, & broyle hym a lytil, & þan serue f[orth].

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To make Bologna ſauſages.

TAKE a pound of bacon, fat and lean together, a pound of beef, a pound of veal, a pound of pork, a pound of beef-ſuet, cut them ſmall and chop them fine, take a ſmall handful of ſage, pick off the leaves, chop it fine, with a few ſweet-herbs; ſeaſon pretty high, with pepper and ſalt. You muſt have a large gut, and fill it, then ſet on a ſauce-pan of water, when it boils put it in, and prick the gut for fear of burſting. Boil it ſoſtly an hour, then lay it on clean ſtraw to dry.