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Minimal Artist WordPress theme

Minimal Artist is a website-oriented theme built with the needs of the artist community in mind. While it can be used as a blogging platform, its main features are ideally suited to portfolio websites.

It is also built from scratch to be accessible.

Important Features:

The posts page is configured to display a mosaic of featured image and post titles; this can be changed to list display. If no featured images are set, only titles will display, or, in the absence of title, post date.

All gallery configurations are supported, but over 4 columns will resolve to 4 column layout on smaller (less than 1024px) displays; all galleries resolve to single column on screens smaller than 667px.

Image captions and descriptions are supported on image attachment pages.

Optional right sidebar and footer are configured as widget areas. If sidebar has no widgets it disappears from the layout.

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view on github